As the UK’s number 1 premium ale, there is a lot of love and loyalty for the distinctive octagonal brand with the quirky name.

The ale category has been dwindling, with consumers moving away from the ‘3 for 4’ shelf of dusty 500ml amber bottles to the exciting world of canned craft, seen as having more interesting bold flavours. At the same time, the bright whites of the lager shelf shout ice cold, easy drinking refreshment – something ale is rarely associated with. Old Speckled Hen has a rich distinctive malt flavour – totally unique and miles away from the hop-centric world of craft beers – at its best served chilled.

However, you wouldn’t know it from looking at the previous brand – dark burgundy & lack of white denoted a beer you keep in the cupboard, not the fridge. As well as a distinctive liquid, this brand has its own history and stories to tell, which were lost on the previous look & feel. The unusual name & shape were key assets, but how did we amplify the whole design to demonstrate it as truly one of a kind?