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In my last post of 2021, I suggested that understanding consumer behaviour for 2022 has never been so difficult and certainly forecasting any significant new trends for the year ahead is near on impossible. But saying that I’m clear on one significant trend that will impact brands and business immensely this year.


Get it right and your business will grow at an alarming rate, get it wrong and it has the potential to decimate even the best businesses.


And it’s all about your people.


Those talented people you have working for you now and the amazing people you need to find and attract to your organisation.


A recent poll cited that 59% of middle-income workers and 48% of high earners said they are thinking about changing jobs in 2022.


That’s over half of your colleagues that may no longer be in your business in 12 months’ time. It’s just a poll of course, but that’s a significant percentage of people open to new opportunities.


Can you imagine a worst-case scenario and you did lose half your workforce?


Worse still, what if it were your top 50%.


That 2022 business plan would be ridiculously hard to implement without the consistency within the organisation, not to mention the on-cost of filling these gaps and the time and effort in on-boarding new employees – especially if those people aren’t the people you really wanted to hire in the first place.


And here’s the problem. Most of the changes will not come about due to salaries but people wanting flexible working, having new outlooks on life, seeking a better work life balance, setting new goals and objectives and of course poor leadership within the organisation. We are entering a new dawn where those looking to change jobs will have the luxury of ‘window shopping’ across many companies before deciding who to work for.


  • How has your culture evolved throughout the pandemic? is it better, worse, or indifferent?

  • How do your colleagues perceive the business? Do they actively promote the organisation through their own personal brands?

  • Are you differentiated from your competitors? Or would your people be just as satisfied walking into a new office promoting the same products for different people?


As the conversation evolves from ‘why do you want to work for us’ to ‘why should I work for you’ companies really need to focus on just two words this year, retention and attraction. And with that get on the front foot in defining your ‘Employee Value Proposition’ and building internal comms and external campaigns to bring it to life. Rest assured this is the biggest branding and comms challenge that you will face in 2022, above and beyond any existing marketing plan currently sitting within your organisation.


Businesses that retain their best people and attract amazing new talent will thrive.


For those that do not it’s going to be Groundhog Day.

Brett Goldhawk

About Brett Goldhawk

Brett Goldhawk is MD at Ziggurat Brands, and is quite frankly a little teed off by bland brands, copycat or lifeless retail shelves and too much blah around marketing speak. Six years helming Ziggurat and 14 years in broader marketing and design agencies brings experience across Global and UK food and drink brands including Pataks, Grupo Bimbo, Greene King, Burtons Biscuits Company, William Grants, Unilever & Nature’s Aid. And with that comes a bag load of opinions around finding proper insights, brand stretch, brand purpose, sustainability in packaging, marketing gimmicks, and the rules of standing out.

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