One of PepsiCo’s key drive brands was failing to inspire consumers who wanted to balance healthier lifestyles with great tasting products. Ziggurat were briefed to challenge the challengers and reimagine the future of the snacking category.


We explored the macro and micro cultural trends influencing consumer consumption behaviours in the UK and rationalised the evolving visual codes used by challenger brands in adjacent categories to form a strategic and creative platform for Sunbites.


Our creative platform, ‘tiny moments of extraordinary pleasures’ led us to design a new category aesthetic that would demystify healthy snacking.  A brand that was entirely functional, generic and had lost all sense of fun was injected with a big burst of happiness. Our change in focus introduced the idea that eating wholegrain could easily be a pleasure rather than a punishment. With increased sales of 440% one could argue it’s actually more of an extraordinary pleasure.

the challengers

440% growth in Sales

16th largest snack in the UK

Winner of DBA design effectiveness gold award

The Sunbites brand has taken some powerful strides forward. Raising awareness of the great taste of Sunbites was pivotal to the brand’s success. This redesign has resulted in massive gains in market penetration and a rapid increase in brand perceptions around quality and taste.

Jon Kyle, Impulse Sales Director, PepsiCo UK.