Ziggurat were approached to launch the world’s first range of cold pressed melon juices and establish Mello as the market leader in this emergent category. We were asked to tell the story of the founder’s determination to create something better through our brand.


We spent a year working with the client on research and development to ensure the liquid would taste great and be completely natural. Once we had the perfect product, it was critical we created an insta-worthy brand for our Gen Z audience; Mello would be spontaneous, engaging and empowered!


Our brand creation for Mello captures the raw and natural goodness of melon juices, designed to be the perfect refreshment for those that have a thirst for life. Our creative impact gives Mello an unmistakable vitality, targeting young, health conscious consumers using design language that is refreshingly disruptive, honest and uncomplicated.

growing year on year

Launched in all key retailers – Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods, Ocado and Holland & Barrett

Brand value of over £2m

Growing 450% year-on year since launch

We needed an agency that would help establish Mello as the market leader in melon juice and melon products. We want to be to melons what Vita Coco is to coconut water and Copella is to apple juice. So, it made sense to talk to Ziggurat, the agency that first created the Copella brand.

Rose Aldean, Mello co-founder