chapmanbdsp are a business dedicated to delivering the very best for their clients. As the company grew, a strong brand purpose and supporting identity was needed to help create a unified vision for the business.


We engaged with all the key stakeholders through interviews and immersive workshopping to establish what unified the various disciplines within the business. In-depth research provided a good background from which to develop a new set of values and find a centre-of-gravity for the board to align on a compelling new brand purpose.


A dynamic brand with distinct visual elements was created for chapmanbdsp, reflecting their passion in using ‘the power of design and engineering’ to deliver excellence for their clients in building services and environmental consultancy. The new identity embodies the values of the company, giving them a unique look and feel, tone of voice and flexible brand that can flow across different service disciplines, office locations and printed & digital collateral.

the power of design and engineering

The rebrand was praised by 230 staff, globally

Rebrand took just 12 weeks to complete.

Shortlisted for the BCO office space awards 2019