Brett Goldhawk

Managing Director

A brand consultant, expert facilitator and innovator.

Brett believes that finding opportunities for businesses and getting them to market in record time need not be difficult. He has spent the past eighteen months developing and fine-tuning the ground-breaking business opportunities programme Minivation™, It is proven to mobilise complex organisations, help generate rapid growth and create sustained competitive advantage for brands from all industries.

In a world that demands agility, global brands need an incredibly fast and intellectually robust approach to solving business challenges. This is it.

Brett has over 20 years experience of working with Global Companies such as Chevron Texaco, Energizer, Unilever, SAB Miller and Grupo Bimbo,

Jack Watson

Creative Planning Director

Trained in design, Jack has spent the last 10 years working with global brands in the FMCG, property and technology sectors. Specialising in strategic brand positioning, he has helped to fine-tune the Minivation™ process as a way of rapidly accelerating business growth through quick win innovation.

A strong believer that the most powerful results are achieved when people work closely together, Jack has reformulated the workshop process to maximise creativity and drive teams towards the biggest opportunities in as little time as possible.

Adrian Collins

Executive Chairman

Adrian is the Executive Chairman and has been with the consultancy since 1990.

Prior to leading Ziggurat Adrian, an engineer, was a strategist at Ford, part of a small team planning the cars of Ford of Europe's future.

Adrian is passionate about brands and branding. He has worked across brand categories as diverse as alcoholic drink, property and contraception across geographies from the UK to China for businesses as diverse as global behemoths Pepsico and Unilever to entrepreneurs and startups. His experience encompasses commercially successful work across innovation, brand strategy, brand creation right on to brand promotion and sales support.

Adrian believes passionately that the fixation on all things digital represents a massive threat to many brands and calls for brand owners to take a more balanced perspective.

Since moving agency side Adrian has sought innovative ways of working and believes that MINIVATION™ is the answer to business' needs for improved agility without losing rigour.

Chris Mettrick

Creative Director

Chris has been working on high profile brands across multiple categories for over 20 years. His leadership provides our talented design team with the strategic and creative direction they need to create award-winning work.

With brand and category knowledge that is second to none, Chris produces real-world, marketable concepts ready for consumer testing in less than two weeks and facilitates a smooth transition to market.

With a hands-on, can-do attitude, Chris thrives on being able to successfully deliver the most effective and creative design solutions.

Andy Marshall

Creative Director

Andy has around 20 years experience working in branding and design. He started out working on the rebranding of global brands such as Barclays Bank, Marks and Spencer, and Reuters.

As Creative Director, he has led teams over the creation and evolution of digital, charity, educational and luxury brands. This has strengthened his creative approach to property for some of London’s most exclusive new developments. At Ziggurat, his work in helping to deliver aspects of the Minivation™ process has enabled him to realise the full strategic and creative potential for brands from an entirely new, fresh and dynamic angle.

Andy’s passion for working with clients to provide powerful new ways of communicating with meaning, combined with his flair for image and typography positions him as a solid creative leader of change.

Ziggurat Studio

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